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Caviar is no longer just an hors d’oeuvre but a luxury facial

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Caviar is a salty delicacy made from the fish wild sturgeon’s unfertilized eggs. The small pearl-like eggs can vary in color from gold, green, red, brown to black and pop in the mouth when eaten. It is commonly known as a hors d’oeuvre and served at many high end events, hotels and spas. However, the next menu you find caviar on may come as quite a surprise. You may expect to find caviar on the hors d’oeuvre menu at many top spas; however, caviar is no longer just a hors d’oeuvre but a luxury facial. The Persians are believed to be the first cultivators of caviar which has now been used as a beauty ingredient for 100’s of years although it was not first marketed in the beauty industry till 1987 when La Prairie released their Skin Caviar Dermo Beads. Caviar is a powerful ingredient taken from the hues of nature in many products and treatments being offered at spas and at home skin care products. If you’re wondering what benefits can justify smearing delicious caviar on the face instead of a piece of crisp toast then keep reading.

What is a caviar facial?

Over the years women have used a variety of nutritious foods in the hopes of improving their skin and complexion. However, the idea of caviar in the facial or skin care products may seem a bit extreme and fishy but packs some serious benefits and results. Like many other foods from the sea, caviar is rich in omega 3’s and 6’s fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

The caviar facial is able to lift, firm and moisturize dry skin and is quite luxurious and free of fishy aromas. While there are a select few spas that opt to use caviar for the facial process most spas choose to use caviar extract instead. Caviar extract is an emollient active ingredient that is packed with vitamins and minerals that helps hydrate and moisturize dull, dry, aging skin.

Caviar facials can differ slightly from spa-to-spa and depend on what skin concerns you would like addressed. While all caviar facials consist of caviar or caviar extract and facial massage other ingredients and procedures may vary. Other ingredients commonly added to the caviar facial are marine extracts, pearl extract, gold flakes, retinol, rose extract and fruit acids.

Who can benefit from a caviar facial?

Caviar was once just for the rich and famous but nowadays the different varieties of caviar, technological advances and caviar substitutes allows caviar to be more accessible to the general public. The caviar facial can benefit anyone who’s looking to give their skin a little extra TLC but was designed to fight aging and cell damage for severely dry skin while still being safe for those suffering from acne. Women around the world have raved at the dramatic results this facial has had on their skin in winter when skin is naturally more dry and before special events. Caviar products are generally non-irritating and safe for most skin types. However, it is extremely important for those with a fish or shellfish allergy to not use any product containing caviar as an adverse effect is likely.

Why caviar is a super food for skin!

I’m sure you’ve all heard of blueberries and avocados being labeled as super foods but caviar is a lesser known super food even though it stands out from the crowd due to its impressive list of nutrients. These nutrients aren’t just beneficial to the body when ingested but highly beneficial to skin when applied topically.

One of caviars main benefits is its anti-aging properties. Antioxidant properties in caviar are capable of protecting skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. This prevents collagen and elastin breakdown that can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is a protein that helps keep skin smooth, strong and elastic but our bodies ability to produce collagen decreases approximately 1% every year after the age of 20. However caviar is capable of combating collagen loss by increasing the speed collagen is produced by 67%.

Skin benefits the most by other skin like cells and caviars cell structure is remarkably similar to human cell structure. This allows the amino acids in caviar to be easily absorbed, adding hydration and moisture to skin. Omega 3 fatty acids stimulate adiponectin, a molecule that improves skin’s anti-inflammatory and healing processes, and prevents collagen breakdown decreasing the signs of aging. Omega 3’s also play an important role in the integrity and barrier function of the skin. They create a thin layer that protects skin from environmental hazards and helps moisturize dry skin.

Caviar has one of the highest levels of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for skin. Vitamin D is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that helps skin produce collagen for firm youthful skin. Vitamin E is said to be nature’s natural sunscreen because it helps filter out harmful UV rays while moisturizing skin. Caviar is also rich in magnesium which helps skin remain toned and produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

Where can you get a caviar facial?

There are currently only about 10-15 treatment centers that offer caviar facials in the U.S., most located on the East Coast from Connecticut to Maryland and beyond.

The one and only La Prairie Spa in the U.S. is located in the Ritz Carlton New York, Central Park. La Prairie offers over 10 products containing caviar and the famous luxurious White Caviar Illuminating Facial. If you’re lucky enough to splurge on this whopping $1200 facial it will feature La Prairie’s White Caviar Collection, Cellular 3-Minute Peel, a hand & foot treatment and a unique Caviar Intensive Eye Lift treatment to reveal a brighter, clearer complexion. Clients also get to take home three full size White Caviar Collection products to continue the brightening and firming results. With the trio of Illuminating Cream, Illuminating Serum and Illuminating Eye Serum skin will have the tools needed to effectively confront skin aging and environmental hazard problems.

The Lodge at Glendorn in Bradford, PA offers a non-invasive Pearl and Caviar facial as an alternative to Botox. This Botox alternative uses a thermal mask to stimulate the capillaries to increase oxygen to skin resulting in younger plumper looking skin. The Forest Spa uses other ingredients such as blackberries, strawberries, honey and lavender grown on the Relais & Chateaux estate in many of their treatments.

Caviar Facial Results

Caviar is an antioxidant powerhouse making it an effective treatment for dry mature skin. The results of a caviar facial are a clearer and smoother complexion with reduced redness and inflammation. You can also expect to see a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. High in Vitamin A, C and E; all three are potent antioxidants that will help to fight free radicals that damage the skin cells and lead to premature signs of aging such as wrinkles, blotchiness and dark circles around the eyes.

The price tag associated with La Prairies Caviar Facial would definitely be a splurge for most, but it is one of the most luxurious facials you can receive and is one of the best ways to nourish skin. For everyone who would like to give caviar a try without the steep price tag there is a wide variety of products available for home use. You can purchase a product that’s ready to use or even purchase your own caviar and treat yourself to a home spa night.

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