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Best 8 Tips to Prevent Wrinkles Naturally

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As you know, it’s impossible to stop the natural process of aging and its effects on skin. However, a little bit of prevention goes a long way with premature aging and its effects on skin.

Once you develop wrinkles, it can be difficult to get rid of them without invasive treatments like botox, fillers, and surgery. But you can stop premature aging in its tracks with nothing more than a few simple lifestyle changes.

There are basically two types of aging. Intrinsic aging that comes from internal factors you have no control over, such as genetics and extrinsic aging that comes from external factors like environmental and lifestyle choices.

Premature aging is a type of extrinsic aging that’s occurring faster than ever because of unhealthy choices.

In this article we”ll discuss what causes premature aging and wrinkles and some simple lifestyle changes you can make to stop and prevent further premature aging. We have no choice but to accept the genetics that were handed down from our parents and grandparents but premature aging is now a choice, with all the knowledge we have access to.

Whether you’re just beginning to see the effects of premature aging on your skin or you’ve been dealing with the effects for years, it’s never too late to start an anti-aging skin care routine.

The Signs of Premature or Extrinsic Aging

As you age the most common signs of skin aging are wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin grows thinner, is less hydrated, and it begins to lose its elasticity.

As a result, your skin is more susceptible to the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can result in fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, when collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are not created as abundantly as they were when you were younger, wrinkles and fine lines start to show.

Another sign of aging is dry skin. Your skin generates less oil as you age, which can cause it to become dry and flaky.

Flat, brown or black blotches called “age spots” develop on skin that has been exposed to the sun. These spots are not hazardous, although they may indicate that UV radiation has damaged skin.

The thinning of skin resulting from collagen and elastin loss can cause sagging of facial features, especially around the eyes, cheeks, and neck.

Skin aging is frequently accompanied with dehydration. When the skin lacks enough moisture, dehydration occurs. This may result in dry, aged, and wrinkled skin.

What Causes Wrinkles & Premature Aging?

The main reason skin ages naturally is the slowed process of cell regeneration. The bodies’ ability to produce new healthy collagen and elastin slows down and skin becomes more thin and dry.

With premature aging your lifestyle and choices are the main reason for collagen and elastin breakdown and the visible signs of aging skin.

  • Out of all the causes for premature aging, sun damage is the number one preventative cause. This damage which is also referred to as photo aging is responsible for approximately 70% of unwanted visible changes to skin. photo-aging is capable of causing weakened elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin.
  • Cigarette smoke is harmful to your body, lungs, and skin. Cigarettes decrease the amount of oxygen and nutrients transported to skin cells resulting in premature wrinkles and a more dull complexion.
  • Alcohol consumption can dehydrate your body and skin causing dry, inflamed skin with wrinkles.
  • Limit foods that are processed and high in sugars. Numerous studies have shown they cause inflammation in the body and skin and can cause acne as well as speed up the aging process.
  • Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration and keeps toxins trapped in skin.
  • Stress causes the body to release cortisol, which leads to dry, inflamed, acne prone skin.
  • Lack of adequate sleep. The body and skin repairs itself during sleep. Less than 7-8 hours sleep per night and skin can not properly rid itself of toxins and produce new collagen and elastin.
  • Pollution and Makeup that has not been removed correctly before going to bed at night is another cause of premature aging. Chemicals in makeup can lead to clogged pores, breakouts and damaged skin.

How to Prevent Wrinkles Naturally

To prevent wrinkles and premature aging, choosing to incorporate and live a healthier lifestyle can help. Beautiful skin starts with the things you choose to put in and on your body as well as the preventative steps needed to keep skin healthy. Below you will find 7 of the most important steps to help keep your skin healthy and wrinkle free naturally.

  1. Wear Sunscreen  The fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots are all heavily influenced by the accumulated sun exposure you’ve had in life. Its important to apply the correct amount of SPF 30 or higher every day. Most people who do use sunscreen only use 1/4 of the recommended daily amount. A half a teaspoon should be applied daily regardless if you will be outside or not.
  2. Stop Smoking  Smoking causes skin to age prematurely resulting in more fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots than in people who do not smoke. Additionally, the repetitive pursing and squinting movements result in wrinkles.
  3. Limit Alcohol Consumption  Skin gets thinner and dryer naturally as you age, heavy alcohol consumption quickly increases this process. Alcohol not only dehydrates skin but causes tissues to be inflamed which leads to wrinkles and sagginess. Because heavy drinking completely rids skin of moisture, one night can result in your fine lines and wrinkles being more visible. You are also less likely to make healthy food choices when intoxicated which can deplete skin of crucial vitamins it gets from foods.
  4. Choose Healthy Foods  Findings from research suggest choosing plenty of fruits and vegetables may prevent premature skin aging. Skin also gets crucial vitamins and nutrients needed to fuel cell regeneration from the foods you choose.
  5. Drink At least 8 Cups of Water  Your skin is the largest of all organs and to perform properly it needs to maintain proper moisture levels. Skin that is dehydrated is unable to protect elastin and flush toxins from itself.
  6. Stress Less  Stress causes chemicals such as cortisol to be released in the body which can have negative effects on your body and skin. Cortisol not only increases inflammation in skin but even causes collagen and elastin to break down. I get it ladies! I know life is demanding and stressful but try your best to find ways to cut some daily stressors and your skin will thank you.
  7. Get Enough Sleep  It’s important to get a good night’s rest because the body heals itself during sleep. While you sleep, the amount of blood circulated to organs including your skin increases and collagen is able to repair itself from UV rays and pollution it was exposed to that day.
  8. Wash Skin With a Gentle Cleanser at Night  Your skin’s main purpose is to act as an immune barrier and it is extremely proficient at this job. Therefore, it is important to wash your face at the end of the day to remove toxins and pollutants that accumulated through the day. Makeup should also be removed to prevent dirt, debris and dead skin cells from clogging pores and creating breakouts.

Final Thoughts

Now you know it’s possible to prevent wrinkles and other signs of premature aging without the use of expensive products and procedures. Having healthy skin that remains youthful over the years involves more than just serums and anti-aging products.

These tips are based on the inside out approach and how you can help your skin by taking care of your body. The connection between your personal nutrition and lifestyle choices have a direct link to your skin’s overall health.

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